About Us

Owner + Creator

My name is Cassie ~ I am the heart + hands behind SoapyLayne. I have a love for all things natural, organic and eco-friendly. I am an artist and avid animal lover who lives in beautiful Southern California.


My years of experience at work in an animal hospital helped me realize the importance of creating cruelty-free products that are also safe for the environment. With the growing move toward natural and organic products, consumers (like myself) have become more aware of the benefits of using plant based natural skincare products that do not contain use of harmful ingredients or preservatives. I believe that natural products tend to work and smell better than synthetic, mass-produced products.


SoapyLayne’s Mission is to provide luxurious yet affordable skin care products that enrich and uplift your mind, body and spirit. All of my products are simple yet nourishing with easy to read natural ingredients (besides the INCI labels.) We use gentle plant based materials with magical properties that love your skin which lack any harmful additives or preservatives. I strive to personalize each product to create a unique handcrafted item while doing my part in keeping this world a softer, cleaner place.   

I am currently a student in The Science & Art of Herbalism by the amazing Rosemary Gladstar and have hopes to open my own botanical shop some day!   

Peace + Love  

Leaping Bunny Certified in 2013